"Autopay" Solution

Parking Garage Festkogl in Obergurgl, Ötztal, Austria

The parking garage is likely to be the “highest” digitized, ticket- and barrier-less garage in Austria.

The benefits for the owner, operator and users are:

  1. low investment and operating costs
  2. full transparency and high flexibility for new customer services
  3. self-management
  4. making e-charging the operator´s business with integrated charging – for the users ONE bill

Oslo Airport

Barrier-free shopping experience
for your customers

  • Operator ONEPARK Norway
  • Extended 5-year contract from 2022
  • 1.5 million parking sessions per year
  • 24,000 parking spaces
  • 11 parking zones
  • 142 cameras
  • customer specific integrations

Mall of Scandinavia

  • Operator Parkman Sweden
  • Contract 2018-2023
  • 40 cameras
  • 3,700 parking spaces
  • Customer loyalty program integrated


  • Operator ONEPARK AS
  • Contract 2021-2033
  • 84 cameras
  • 240 parking spaces
  • 20 parking zones

“Revenue has increased and more users are registered. If we theoretically didn’t capture some cars, it would be NOTHING compared to the losses if a barrier is broken for 2-3 hours and is open.”

Bjørn Bratt-Aanensen,
Director of Selvaag Eiendom Real Estate

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